Liège Mobility Measures


A mobility plan has been set up by the City of Liège and the local police in order to guarantee optimum accessibility, both at the finish area for the Tour de France (and for those that want to go shopping at Belle-Ile) and in the city centre. This plan is designed to consider the needs of all users - local residents, local businesses and visitors alike.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

To enable the set up of "finish" site installations, part of the Quai des Ardennes (between Rue de Paris-Pont du Chemin de Fer and Pont de Fétinne, the length of the buildings) will be closed to traffic from 8 pm.

The same goes for Rue de Paris, between the Quai des Ardennes and Avenue du Luxembourg, as well as Avenue Mahiels, between Pont de Fétinne and Avenue du Luxembourg (ie. on the side opposite Eglise St-Vincent). To this end, a parking area will be set up exclusively for use by local residents of the Vennes area, on the embankment on Avenue Reine Elisabeth from 6 pm, Saturday, 01/07/2017 till 11 pm, Sunday, 02/07/2017.

Sunday, 02 July 2017

From 5 am, the organizer (A.S.O) will begin setting up the installations, which will lead to the following measures being put into action:

  • Traffic will be closed off along the entire Quai des Ardennes, heading towards Fragnée-Chênée. In the other direction, from Pont de Chênée to Grosses Battes, traffic will still be authorized until 1 pm. A diversion will be set up via Rue Fourneau, Rue Vinâve and Rue Neuve, in both directions.
  • Also on the Quai des Ardennes, the entire section between the Grosses Battes tunnel and Pont de Fétinne will be closed. A diversion will be set up at the start of the Grosses Battes tunnel heading towards Boulevard de l'Automobile
  • Also at 5 am, Pont de Fétinne will be closed to all motor traffic in both directions. A diversion will be set up via Quai Gloesener, Quai Wauters, Rue d'Ourgée, Rue Vaudrée, Place Andréa Jadoule and Rue Vaussale, before rejoining Grosses Battes.
  • Complete closure of Pont de Belle-Ile (Quai des Ardennes). Entry to the Belle-Ile shopping centre, which will be open to the public for the sales on Sunday, 02/07/2017, will be accessible via the Grosses Battes interchange and the Quai du Condroz.

From 9 am, in order to enable set up and access to the press room at the Palais des Congrès, Rue du Parc will be closed to all traffic. A diversion will be set up at the start of Rue Renoz and the service road on the Quai de la Boverie. These measures will also lead to parking being prohibited on the Quai de la Boverie between Pont de Hux and Pont des Vennes, Place du Park, Allée Frédéric Chopin and Square Jean Rey.

From 10 am, to prepare for the arrival of riders coming from Chaudfontaine, parking will be prohibited on Rue des Grands-Prés, Bvd de Beaufraipont and Rue de la Station.

From 12 pm, users are recommended not to take the N39 Chênée exit and instead to take the Grosses-Battes exit. Exit 39 will not be closed but will take vehicles to Beaufays, via Voie de l'Ardenne.

From 1.30 pm, traffic on the section of Boulevard Emile de Laveleye between Quai Mativa and Rue de Fétinne (behind Eglise St-Vincent) will be in the opposite direction and parking will be prohibited in order to allow sport director vehicles to travel through.

Quai Mativa will be closed to motor traffic so that team buses can be parked there. A diversion will be set up at the start of the Quai Gloesener via Pont Fragnée and at the start of Pont des Vennes via Boulevard de l'Automobile.

Throughout the event, the Grosses Battes interchange, as well as Pont des Grosses Batters, will remain accessible in both directions.

The areas of Chênée Bas (Lhonneux) and Chênnée Thiers will remain accessible via the right bank of the Vesdre and via the diversion set up on Rue du Fourneau, Rue Vinâve and Rue Neuve.

All of these parking measures and diversions will cease at 11 pm at the latest.

Persons with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

In Liège, a PRM space will be set up on the Quai des Ardennes. Advance booking with the Service des Sports de la Province de Liège is obligatory.

(; before Monday, 26 June.

Federal Police

The Liège Federal Police Coordination and Support department will be in charge of general coordination of policing measures for the passage of the Tour de France in Belgium on 2 and 3 July. Hundreds of local and federal police officers, as well as students from the Province of Liège police academy will mobilized to ensure the safety of all for the occasion.

Mobility on the course

Travel on the roads involved in the stage will be closed 4 hours before riders arrive. Expect mobility on and near these routes to be highly disrupted. The public is recommended to arrive early along the course and to wait until the end of the event (= when a vehicle carrying a green flag arrives) before taking a new route after the riders pass through.

It is recommended that residents and people working along the route make alternative plans in advance for travelling with their vehicle during this time. Equally, businesses located on stage routes should consider letting their clients and suppliers know that they will have limited access during the day.

For security reasons, parking is prohibited all along the course.

Vehicles may only cross the track at specific locations, known as "points de cisaillement". Crossings are subject to a time limit and are only allowed before the beginning of the race (signalled by a vehicle carrying a red flag) and after the end of the race (green flag). During the race, ie. when the publicity caravan and riders pass through, the crossing points will remain closed.

The emergency services will maintain access to all locations, following a specific protocol, escorted by the motorbike police surrounding the trial.

People wishing to travel in the area are given the following advice:

  • Prepare your route in advance;
  • Check the website;
  • Avoid blindly following GPS instructions;
  • Try to use the motorway as much as possible;
  • If possible, delay travel until later;
  • Listen to Info Trafic (RTBF);
  • Follow the instructions given by stewards and the police;

Closure of motorway exits

Some exits leading directly to the Tour route will be closed to traffic before and after the event.

On Sunday, 2 July, this concerns only Exit 1 (BATTICE) on the E42/A27 motorway. Access to Aubel and the surrounding region is recommended via Exit 36 (BLEGNY) on the E40/A3 motorway then the N642, and travel via Exit 35 (MELEN - SOUMAGNE), which is near the course, should be avoided.

The Guillemins train station is less than 20 minutes walk from the finish line. Spectators that would still like to arrive by car are kindly asked to access Liège via Exit 35 (Avroy-Laveu) of the A602 in order to reach the car parks in the city centre or near the Guillemins train station. Exit 39 (Chénée) on the E25/A26 motorway is reserved exclusively for authorized vehicles.


  • For the safety of all, some spectators may be searched in various locations. Please avoid carrying bags or luggage to the start and finish areas.
  • An increased number of vehicles on the road always increases the risk of accidents. To avoid this:
  • Keep a close eye on children;
  • Only cross the road at specially designated areas;
  • Keep all animals on a leash.
  • The vehicles in the publicity caravan are split into two and are present on both sides of the road. There is therefore no reason to go onto or cross over the road in order to pick up advertising goodies.
  • Nb. The use of drones is not permitted and will be subject to fines.
  • Lastly, please respect the efforts made by riders. Do not run by their side, push them or block their path with flags, selfie sticks or any other objects, or use smoke bombs, etc.

Further information

Operational Coordination and Support Service

Police fédérale - DCA Liège

47 rue Saint-Léonard

B-4000 Liège

Tel: +32 4 228 94 03

Transport en Commun (Tec/Public transport)

As a general rule, the roads used in the stages for the Tour de France will be closed to all traffic 4 hours before the riders arrive.

Only crossing points (cisaillement) may be used to cross roads and only until the green flag passes by before the publicity caravan, 2 hours before the riders arrive. Bus lines affected will either be diverted, closed or split into various routes.

Arrival in Liège, 2 July

Any diversions necessary will be set up for bus lines affected by the Tour (lines 4-26-30-31-64-65-377-1011). As many articulated buses as possible will be put into circulation on the main roads. Additionally, backup buses will be on stand-by and used in the event that drivers report their necessity. In terms of controls, the control service will receive additional staff to help with the event and a controller will be present at the Police PC in Natalis.



The SNCB will provide additional trains travelling to Liège-Guillemins and Verviers-Central.

XL Weekend Ticket

All weekend tickets, valid from 29 June 2017 to 28 August 2017 will be valid from Thursday, 7 pm until Monday. This is applicable to both domestic weekend tickets and cross-border weekend tickets to Maastricht, Roosendaal and Aachen.

For same-day returns, a weekend ticket is therefore the best value for money (compared to a standard ticket) on Thursdays from 7 pm, Mondays and Fridays during the campaign.

Euregio Ticket

From Monday to Friday - tickets are valid for one person.

On Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays, tickets are valid for one group of 5 people maximum, including 2 passengers over 12 years old and a maximum of 3 children under 12.

Tickets are valid for unspecified journeys during 1 day on the lines shown on our website:

The conditions of use for Euregio tickets bought on Sunday, 2 July will exceptionally be extended to Monday, 3 July.