The Province of Liège is proud to support the businesses of Liège and Verviers in their promotional activities (the not-for-profit organization "Union des Commerçants Verviétois" and, in Liège, the not-for-profit organization "Les Ateliers du Commerce").

Sunday, 2 July: "Düsseldorf-Liège" stage

Installation of the ASO big screen (at the junction of Rue de Paris and the Quai des Ardennes - Liège)

Spectators present will be able to follow the stage connecting Düsseldorf, the start town for the 2017 Tour, and the Cité Ardente, Liège. Don't forget, the Tour will pass through a number of communes. At around 2 pm, the trial will be in the Province of Liège, passing through La Calamine, Plombières, Welkenraedt, Thimister-Clermont and Herve. At roughly 3 pm, the peloton will go through Soumagne, Olne, Trooz and Chaudfontaine. At approximately 5 pm, we will find out who has won, as they arrive at the Quai des Ardennes.

Arrival of persons with disabilities at the Tour de France finish line in Liège

In partnership with the Agence pour une Vie de Qualité, persons with disabilities will, just like the riders on the Tour de France, be able to cross the finish line in Liège, just before the professionals. 80 people are expected to take part. They will complete the last few hundred meters of the official course and arrive at the finish line.

Operation "Rando'eau VITTEL"

For this second stage, ten riders, members of the Royal Cycliste Pesant Club Liégeois cycling club, will cycle the last ten kilometres before the finish line in Liège.

Junior Cadets

Eight young member-cyclists from the Province of Liège will ride the first and last 30 kilometres of the Düsseldorf-Liège stage. They will cross the finish line approximately 30 minutes before the publicity caravan. These young riders will be selected from the Cadet (equivalent to "beginner" level in Belgium), 15-16 years and Junior (idem in France) 16-18 years categories. They will be from the following clubs: Vélo Club Ardennes, Team Cycliste de Hesbaye, Union Cycliste Seraing, Entente Cycliste de Wallonie, and Team Natacha Basse-Meuse.

Publicity caravan

Whilst spectators wait for the event to begin they can admire the famous publicity caravan, located at the front of the course (approx. 2 hours before the riders arrive). Half of all Tour de France spectators come primarily to see this unique event. For almost 40 minutes, visitors young and old will be able to enjoy the 170 decorated vehicles from 35 brands and/or institutions.

Notably, there will be two vehicles from the Service des Sports de la Province de Liège, who previously took part in the "Paris-Roubaix" caravan and the Ardennes classics. Two other vehicles from the Fédération du Tourisme de la Province de Liège and from Wallonie-Bruxelles Tourisme will also be present and travel up to the Planche des Belles-Filles (Vosges).

Not far from the finish line, members of the public will be able to discover the new walkway connecting the Calatrava train station and the Boverie park, with its wonderful museum. On Sunday morning, the "Batte" will be held, the longest market in Europe.  Don't forget that on the first Sunday of the month, entry to the permanent collections of museums in the area is free of charge (including those of La Boverie and the Grand Curtius). Visitors will be able to explore the superb collections of the Museum of Walloon Life in its stunning setting on the Cour des Mineurs (near Place du Marché). There you'll be able to explore the international exhibition "Au Nom du Foot" (in the name of football), presented here for the first time in Belgium.

And the sales are on, so don't forget the other race - the race to great bargains!

Photo exhibition at the Palais des Congrès (2 July - Reception hall) and at the finish line (From 26 June - Quai des Ardennes, Liège).

Through a series of photos, Liège artist Jim Sumkay shines a spotlight on the bicycle, affectionately nicknamed 'the little queen' (la petite reine) in French, in the Cité Ardente (the fervent city; Liège), entitling the exhibition "77 Belgian Stories". His photos enable visitors to discover the city of Liège, its inhabitants and its folklore. They will be on display in the reception hall of the Palais des Congrès (where the Amaury Sport Organisation [ASO] race headquarters and press room can also be found). To mark the occasion, the old petrol station on the Quai des Ardennes will be decorated with one of his photos.

Decoration that can be seen from the sky in the Domaine Provincial de Wégimont, 12 miles from Liège.

It will be possible to see the Domaine Provincial de Wégimont in Soumagne on your TV sets thanks to decoration in the form of a bike large enough to be seen from the sky. It will be a wonderful tribute to the Tour de France in a green area held very dear to residents of the Province of Liège.

The Cité Ardente loves cycling

A popular cycling event like the Tour de France is also an opportunity to promote this gentle mode of transport, which is becoming increasingly popular in the city.

Which is why Liège continues to step up its development and promotion of cycling. As part of the project Wallonie-Cyclable, cycling infrastructure in the area has been improved through the extension of cycle paths, 30 km/hr zones in various areas, and the installation of hoops and bike racks near major travel hubs... in addition to this infrastructure, the City of Liège encourages soft mobility through a range of interesting bike rental options: Vélocité (Vélocité offers medium and long-term rental at very affordable prices), Tourist Office packages (bikes, scooters and segways available for short-term rental, from 2 hours to 24 hours) and the Blue-Bike (available from the Liège-Guillemins train station).

This love of cycling is clearly reflected in the #RéinventonsLiège project. On the online platform, you'll find lots of projects related to cycling. They are currently being submitted to a public vote, which voters take very seriously.

For more information on the Tour de France in Liège and the activities to be held on the day, visit